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Chasin' Whitetail



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One of the most important factors of hunting, wind direction.
Wouldn't it be great to see the wind!? Well now you can!
The Wind Tracker is a simple yet very affective device that allows
you to detect the slightest breeze, giving you the greatest advantage.

An alternative to traditional powders and no need for cartridges,
the Wind Tracker only requires water!

Made from quality aluminum, its sleek and unique design makes
it convenient to use on any hunt in all weather conditions.

Deer, Bear, Elk, Coyotes & more!

The Wind Tracker comes equipped with the following:

• Main Unit (made from premium grade aluminum)

• USB Charging Cable

• USB Port Plug

• Cotton Sticks (used to draw water to the main unit)

• Instructions

Charge, Fill & See the Wind! It's really that simple.

Comes warranted to be free of any factory defects under normal use & conditions.

Be sure to check out the TrackerPAK premium accessory kit.

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